Google+ – a new platform for journalists

We are living in a world where social networks are largely trending all around us. People have account in almost all of these networks Hi5, Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and now Google+ which has been trending since last year. According to Google,  google+ has crossed over 400 million users. So what is it that made google+ trend so fast?

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Food at the Beach

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Elliot’s Beach, or more commonly known as the Besant Nagar Beach, in Chennai is gaining more and more popularity among the local residents and tourists who visit the area. I think it’s the clean and posh ambience and the variety of food that one finds here that’s attracting more people to it, especially the college-going crowd. We can even find more families, who previously used to visit the famous Marina Beach, joining the young crowd here.

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How long will we lag behind?

The London Olympics 2012 was said as India’s most successful Olympics performance. But how successful were we? If we consider our performance in the past Olympics, then definitely we have come a long way. Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom have set new records to our sports venture.

But if we compare our performance with other countries this success is actually a shame. How is it that despite being a country of 1.22 billion population we managed to win only 6 medals, 2 silver, 4 bronze and no gold.  Are the athletes and sports people to blame? Or is it the lack of infrastructure that’s preventing us from rising to a level that China has risen in such a short period of time?

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Where there is a Malayali, there will be liquor.

I always feel a sense of admiration among the scholars when they talk about Kerala. Kerala is different from the rest of the country in terms of high literacy rate, high life expectancy, low female infanticide and feticide rate, high sex ratio etc. All these are something that we, as Malayalis, are proud of.

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Is the real essence of feminism lost?

Feminism, as we all know, has been established over the years as a movement to defend the political, economic and social right of a woman and the people who fought for this cause were termed as feminists. But over the years feminism has evolved and its ideologies have evolved along with it. Many people think that feminism has now become something of a fashion statement. These days’ people think it is an insult to be labeled as a feminist. They would rather prefer labeling themselves as “humanist”, though they advocate women rights.  People look down on those who declare themselves as feminists..not just men, even women. In such a scenario, isn’t it time that we start questioning where the real essence of feminism is lost?

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