Google+ – a new platform for journalists

We are living in a world where social networks are largely trending all around us. People have account in almost all of these networks Hi5, Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and now Google+ which has been trending since last year. According to Google,  google+ has crossed over 400 million users. So what is it that made google+ trend so fast?

The advantage of google+ is that it is not just about socializing. There are a wide range of other services that it provides. And for any journalist wanting to establish a place of his/her own, google+ provides the perfect platform for it.


One of the main highlight here is- this is completely different from the friends list that you have on facebook. Here you can add people to different circles. There are the default circles like family, friends, acquaintance which cannot be changed. You can also add more circles based on how you want to group your friends. For each post or photo that you put up you can choose your audience by selecting the circles. This gives more space for privacy compared to other networking sites.


This is a special feature of google where one can chat with a maximum of 10 people all in one screen. This feature can be widely used in the field of journalism if journalists or even the public want to hold discussions or debates with people across different places.


This feature helps one get all information according to one’s interests. One can also pin down these information in the Sparks dashboard for future reference. This again is another feature that is largely helpful for journalists. They can save the information they want for quick access.

Another advantage of google+ is for enterprises. You can create pages which can be used to advertise your business or other projects. This is something that a journalist can exploit to their advantage.

There are many other features as well that one can access like gmail, youtube, google drive etc. Another notable feature about this is that Google has integrated G+ to its search engine. The advantage is that  you don’t have to log into your account to check the notifications. You can see it if you open any Google page(there are a few exceptions).  All these widen the platform for a journalist. One doesn’t have to limit it to just socializing or tweeting. Google+ offers something of everything.

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