Food at the Beach

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Elliot’s Beach, or more commonly known as the Besant Nagar Beach, in Chennai is gaining more and more popularity among the local residents and tourists who visit the area. I think it’s the clean and posh ambience and the variety of food that one finds here that’s attracting more people to it, especially the college-going crowd. We can even find more families, who previously used to visit the famous Marina Beach, joining the young crowd here.

The food stalls at Elliot’s Beach is famous for the variety of food that it offers. For any sea food lover this is the perfect destination. There are many stalls in and around the beach where one can find people selling fried fish. The fish varies from prawns, crab, squid, anchovy and pomfret to mention a few. The fish is fried only when a customer comes which keeps it fresh and hot. Even the smell of the fried fish makes one hungry. It’s then served on a paper plate along with chopped cucumber, onion and a slice of lemon. There are a lot of plastic chairs spread in front of the stall where you can sit and enjoy the food. The fish is crisp and spiced just right. It provides an experience that any sea food lover can never forget.

Once you have tried out the fish the next food stall you should visit is where they serve the mullaka bajjis and fried cauliflower. It easy for anyone to locate these stalls. Just look out for the ones that have green chillies hanging in front. For any person who loves hot and spicy food, the mullaka bajji is a must try. Once you have tried these, just run to the cool drinks stalls nearby. You would definitely need to buy one.

You also find many chaat stalls and people who walk around selling peanuts and groundnuts. Plus the usual ice cream and ice stick stalls that you find in any beach.

The best about all this is the cheap price that comes with it. You get a plate of mullaka bajji (5 pieces) for Rs. 25. and trust me, it’s worth it! And the fish.. if you compare it with what we usually pay for a plate of fried fish in a five star hotel, its CHEAP! You get a plate in a range of  60-100 rupees. The rate increases during holiday seasons.

And if you are one of those kind who are really particular about the food and the ambience, just go to the main road where you find all your favorite shops varying from KFC, CCD, Barista, Mash, Tasty Jones, Pupil and  the small food joints where you could go and have a light snack or a fruit juice.

In short, Besant Nagar beach has a lot to offer to any tourist or local resident. One would never get bored with such varieties of food and the beautiful evening breeze that hits you on the calm and tranquil beach. This is an experience not to be missed.


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