How long will we lag behind?

The London Olympics 2012 was said as India’s most successful Olympics performance. But how successful were we? If we consider our performance in the past Olympics, then definitely we have come a long way. Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom have set new records to our sports venture.

But if we compare our performance with other countries this success is actually a shame. How is it that despite being a country of 1.22 billion population we managed to win only 6 medals, 2 silver, 4 bronze and no gold.  Are the athletes and sports people to blame? Or is it the lack of infrastructure that’s preventing us from rising to a level that China has risen in such a short period of time?

Sure we can say we don’t have the proper infrastructure like other countries and that even achieving this itself is a big thing for Indians. Many may ask why do we always complain about what we haven’t achieved and not see what we have achieve d.  But how long are we going to satisfy ourselves with such small victories? Isn’t it high time that we start aiming big?

2012 Indian Olympic winners with medals

Our main problem is we only start thinking about this when something like Olympics and Commonwealth games comes up. When we fail to make our name among the winning countries we stop for a second and start thinking about our drawbacks, lack of infrastructure, proper training etc. And many people come up to discuss about it, hold discussions and debates..which in short increases  the TRP for many media houses and newspapers. They take it to a whole new level to celebrate our failure. But then as in every other case, the fire soon dies out.

Even the government’s decision to do provide more support and all the planning dies out within few months. And these sports people are forgotten until the next big event.

In a country like India do only the cricketers have any chance of prospering and are all others left behind in their shadows?  This is a country where people go mad over cricket and that’s the only sport that matters to them. There are only quite a few who actually cares about other sports. They do not even get proper funding as compared to cricket where there a large number of sponsors waiting to fund them. Hence our athletes are not getting proper encouragement from the people who are actually meant to encourage and support them. This is another reason why more people want to get into cricket and are not interested in other sports.

Unless we start to fund other sports and provide due attention to them as well we are going to lag behind in Olympics for a long time.


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